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Business Brokerage Services

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Business Brokerage Services

Business Brokerage Services

Business Brokerage Services |Business transaction advisory services cover different aspects. It is an important event for any business. Whether you want to buy or sell a business, you’d first need to understand what kind of service you require, and at which stage.

We have helped many businesses with transaction advisory services. Let us take you through some commonly obtained business brokerage services.

Buy-Side Services

You may need to grab a larger market share, acquire specific products, transfer a customer base, and so on to buy a business. It involves several risks and benefits at the same time. Your investment stakes are higher than financial benefits.

business brokerage services

We can help you understand the potential business’s valuation, transaction process, implications, and due diligence in key business areas. We’d share critical factors that can strengthen your financial position or pose risks.

Sell-Side Services

Sell-side transaction advisory services are the most sought-after services. You may need to sell the business, a segment of it, a branch, or a specific unit. Either way, you’ll need to prepare well before putting the “up for sale” board.

We can help you sell a business with confidentiality and smoothly. We’ll take care of the process by communicating with you from preparation to closing the deal at every stage. We’d take a proactive approach to prepare and fix issues to enhance value to your business.

Financial Due Diligence

One of the most important services in transaction advisory is financial due diligence. It can be provided to both sides of a transaction. If you’re on the sell side, we’d help you prepare with financial due diligence in record accuracy, financial statements, balances, reconciliation, and valuation methodologies.

On the buy-side, we can help you negotiate better prices, compare options, and finalize the deal that best matches your interests.

Business Valuation Services

Business valuation services can be sought in different situations for a transaction, dispute, lay off, or planning purposes. Different methods can produce contrasting results on the valuation of similar businesses. Hence, you must rely on experts to get the right business valuations.

Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are a common phenomenon in the modern business world. Small and medium-sized businesses are also considering mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and divestments frequently.

It’s important to consider all the benefits and risks associated with M&A transactions. Remember, the anticipated synergy benefits do not come guaranteed with a merger or acquisition transaction. We’ll ensure that you understand the benefits as well as all the inherent risks associated with M&A transactions.

Deal Analysis

Transaction advisory services involve sophisticated segments such as deal analysis as well. Business valuations should only be the starting point in the whole process. For instance, transaction advisory must also utilize data analytics, intelligence, and appraisals to fully understand the growth potential of an under-consideration business.

Deal analytics must include the qualitative and quantitative factors for the valuation process. We’d ensure that you fully understand the growth opportunities as well as any risks through financial and non-financial metrics.

Operational Due Diligence

If you’re a smart investor, you’d know that due diligence must go beyond financial appraisals. A business can show historic financial performance. However, that may not be sustainable for foreseeable future.

We can help you understand the operational efficiency, technology, human capital, resources, and abilities of a business before you make the final call on it.

IT and Cybersecurity Due Diligence

IT and cybersecurity issues often arise in the post-transaction stage. A proactive approach can save you hefty costs and time associated with a wrong decision.

We can help you understand the IT infrastructure, management, process, and application in operations for deficiencies and strengths. In addition, quantifying IT and cybersecurity issues is always challenging that requires knowledge and expertise in the field.

Transaction Tax Advisory

Tax implications can harm a transaction that can otherwise be termed successful. Tax implications may arise for both sides of the transactions. If you’re a purchaser, we’ll ensure you do not inherent any deficiencies, non-compliance, and discrepancies in local, state, and federal tax obligations from the target company.

Similarly, if you are willing to sell your business, we’ll ensure to close any loopholes that may harm the deal otherwise.

Integration and Optimization

A successful deal may not sustain the momentum if not handled properly in the integration stage. Furthermore, we ensure our clients get the best out of the transaction by providing support at each stage from start to finish.

Post-Transaction Services

Post-transaction issues include integration, optimization, and adoption issues for both parties.  Moreover, issues such as decisions on employee retention, supplier relations, relations with creditors, and infrastructure assessments can prove daunting.

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