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Business Valuations

Your business is worth every penny invested and more! At AW Business Brokers, we offer qualified business valuations to assure your business is accurately appraised. Our team of experts offer various valuations including federal tax valuation, corporate valuation,vpre-sale, and strategic business valuations. Moreover, each process is tailored to your unique needs to assure you have the highest quality of service.

Federal Tax Valuation

AW Business Brokers are well educated and experienced with handling state and IRS transactions. For example, estate and gift tax transactions are popular scenarios that many clients seek guidance for. Allow our team to properly handle your tax valuation so your assets are well protected. AW Business Brokers possess the skills, experience, and resources to guide you through tax transactions.

Corporate Valuation

A corporate valuation requires high level expertise to assure every business data is thoroughly researched and analyzed. Our team has years of experience working with various industries and corporate dynamics. That’s why many corporate officials have trusted us.

Litigation Valuation

Commonly, litigations involve business appraisal, franchise terminations, and shareholder disputes. Contact AW Business Brokers to learn how our litigation valuation will be an effective resource for your legal counsel.

Pre-Sale Valuation

Selling your business involves an accurate business valuation. This showcases your business current state, growth potential, and risk considerations. In addition, the business owner can then improve on negative factors before listing the business for sale. Doing so, allows the owner to maximize their profit and likely sell the business quickly. The odds are more favorable for your business with a quality business valuation from AW Business Brokers. Learn more today!

Strategic Business Assessment

Truly successful business owners are proactively searching for ways to improve their business. With a strategic business assessment, AW Business Brokers can identify your business strengths and weaknesses and provide realistic recommendations to improve your operations. Get a customized plan with AW Business Brokers, and learn how your short and long term goals can be accomplished.

Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Review of Business Owner Objectives
  • Financial Review and Ratio Analysis
  • Summary of Relevant Merger & Acquisition Transactions
  • Industry Review
  • Analysis of Qualitative Factors
  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
  • Actionable Recommendations


Learn More

Every business valuation is a customized process to assure your needs are met. Learn more about our services with complimentary consultation. AW Business Brokers has over 20 years of experience assisting businesses. We look forward to hearing from you.