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Sell A Business

Maximize your selling power with AW Business Brokers. Our team will help you gain the most profit from seeking your business. As your business broker, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why our experts assure that your business is represented well to attract the right buyers.


Our method is simple and has been used to sell hundreds of businesses for over 20 years.

Comprehensive Business Analysis

Our team analyzes your business operations, financial reports, market trends and opportunities. With this data, we generate an attractive business profile.

Sale Structure

Your business profile allows us to identify the best sale’s price. In other words, the value of your business which includes market condition, projected growth, revenue potential, and previous sales of similar businesses.


Our proven valuation techniques ensure that your business is priced appropriately. This creates investment potential and earns you the most profit.

Sale Network

Our team communicates with other business brokers and buyers to sell your business. We have a large nationwide and international network of experienced brokers and buyers. Multiple offers are likely to occur.


Our success includes aggressive marketing and exposure while protecting your privacy. Your business listing is showcased in various databases and publications.


Your sale will process smoothly with our proactive team. We display limited information to attract interested buyers. Those who pre-qualify are required to sign non disclosure agreement before receiving additional information about your business. This protects you and your business while sharing necessary information to gain serious offers.

Best Offers Only

Our method gains a lot of attention from buyers and brokers. Expect to receive various offers! Our team takes it a step further by pre-qualifying buyers and sorting the best offers. You’ll feel confident in your choice.


Allow us to negotiate on your behalf. Many times offers can be maximized depending on factors such as market trends, number of offers, and more. Negotiating is an art and we’ve been closing sales for over 20 years.

Due Diligence and Support

Finding the right buyer and securing the best offer is only half the battle. The other half includes meeting with relevant third parties to assure the transaction is not interrupted. Some sales are straightforward while others have hurdles that must be overcome with expertise. Trust AW Business Brokers to complete your sale without unnecessary roadblocks.

Additional Paperwork

Closing your sale includes that handling of additional paperwork. This may include licenses, administrative documents, inventory counts, and more. As your business broker, we’ll take care of the loose ends.

Always Available

Even after the sale, feel free to contact us. If you have additional questions or are interested in purchasing a business, let us know. Our services are always available to you.