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When Should I Sell My Business?

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When Should I Sell My Business?

Sell My Business

Sell My Business | When you want to sell your business, the timing is everything. You’ll need time to plan and execute the business exit strategy. On average, a business takes from ten months to two years to sell.

There are various reasons that make selling a business an affordable option.

Sell When Your Business is Profitable

First thing, you shouldn’t sell when it makes losses. If you are not compelled to make the decision, you can plan well to sell your business.

Unlike the common notion, the right time to sell your business is when it is profitable. Similarly, you should choose an alternative course of action when making losses.

Before you initiate the business sale transaction, you should consider all the steps involved in the process. Seeking professional help from an experienced business broker can save you time and money.

There can be several reasons for a business owner to make this move. Here are our top 7 reasons that you should “Sell My Business”.


One of the personal and positive reasons to sell is retirement. You have fulfilled your dreams and lived the business life to its full. The time has come to move to the next chapter of your personal life.

Most successful business owners plan successful business transitions before retirement. It involves building business assets and leaving the business profitable to get the right price before Sell My Business.

The important point is to create an effective business exit strategy for your retirement.

Illness and Health Issues

In the unwanted events of illness and health issues, you may sell a business unwillingly. It is one of the reasons when business owners are compelled to think of selling a business rather than choosing the option.

As mentioned earlier, it takes considerable time and effort to sell a business. If you face such hardships, you should seek professional help from an experienced business broker. Decisions taken in haste can only further complicate issues for you.


Relocation is another common reason why business owners consider selling a business. Many businesses cannot relocate to a new business place.

Also, some business owners plan a move to relocate to access new markets. For example, moving to another state with tax benefits can be one of the reasons for your relocation plans. This example works for Sell My Business.

Plan the transition process ahead of time. You must have spent considerable efforts to create the brand value of your business. It’s time to get the right price for your hard work.

Transition to a New Business

Sell your business if you have a new attraction. You may find a lucrative opportunity or build an interest different from your running business.

Transitioning to a new business is one of the common reasons for selling a business. However, it doesn’t mean you throw the opportunity of getting the right price for your business.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new opportunities by challenging themselves. If you find one, you should sell the business at the right time.

Your Business Has Reached the Maximum Growth

Saturated growth is another major reason to think of selling a business. At this stage, a business makes consistent and stable revenue. The business is also profitable at this stage. However, the growth curve remains flat.

It means you cannot run the business for too long with saturated growth. It is wise to sell my business before it starts making losses.

Again, consider the timings of your transaction.

You Want to Liquidate the Business

You have worked hard to build your business for years. Perhaps your business owns significant assets. Your skills and business goodwill are precious intangible assets. All of these factors combined mean your business can get lucrative offers from buyers.

There is no harm in considering good business buy offers. If you want to liquidate your assets, you should consider selling the business.

You Need to Pay off Debts

A closely linked motive to selling is when you need cash for a different purpose. Often business owners need to settle personal or business loans.

You can plan to sell if you need to pay off your debts. However, consider the time required to complete the transaction. If you plan well, you can get the right price for your business.

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